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Dippers and non-dippers

Is there a correlation between blood pressure and fibromyalgia (FM)? In a recent test carried out in Ankara, Turkey the connection between FM and blood pressure was studied.

Firstly, we all have this discomfort when our blood pressure is being checked. Having our arm squeezed is no fun. While this is a discomfort for everyone, people with FM find this to be an actual pain. Especially if and when the BP is high, the pressure increases to what can be a non tolerable level. This led a group of researchers to investigate whether the standard blood pressure test (Sphygmomanometry) might actually be used as a test to diagnose fibromyalgia.

Secondly, it is a general norm that our blood pressure drops by about 10% while we sleep. However, in a test carried out in Ankara, Turkey, it was shown that the women who suffered from FM did not have this dip. Hence, the term non-dippers. So while all other women tested (those with rheumatism, blood pressure, heart problems) were dippers, FM sufferers were non-dippers. Despite adjusting for other factors that could influence nondipping blood pressure, such as smoking, FM was still concluded to be a strong predictor of this phenomenon.

Based on this study’s findings, the team recommends that FM patients’ blood pressures be monitored and observed for nondipping patterns, and for physicians to include cardiovascular precautions in their interventions in FM patients.

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