Still on Watermelon

As the days are getting hotter, I find myself buying those juicy, red watermelons every time I go grocery shopping. I just want to share a few more recipes that I enjoy making and in this case, drinking.

One is a watermelon juice. This is not my own creation, but something I have seen online and tweaked a little.
This is the combo of watermelon and ginger. Ginger is such a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that helps relieve conditions such as fevers, nausea, headaches, joint tenderness, and bronchitis. It lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and helps to prevent blood clots.
And to that amazing combo, I add lemon. Since you can find a whole lot of articles on the wonders of lemon, I will not waste your time rambling about this gift to our health. Let’s just say it suffices to state that it is beneficial to our general wellbeing.

The Recipe is as follows

2 cups pf chopped watermelon
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 inch of young ginger
(in all the above you will need to get rid of the skin/peel)

Now blend these 3 ingredients together and thin it with my secret ingredient – COCONUT WATER.

Some people like to add chia seeds to this (actually chia seeds are great in any coconut water concoction) but I sometimes add basil seeds – they don’t really add anything to the taste but add a new dimension in texture and healthy benefits.

Another recipe which makes a superb drink is an Indian drink which is especially famous in Delhi. They call it Affection – Love – Relish (Pyar, Mohabbat , Mazaa).
Heck the name, I know it is weird but the taste amply makes up for it.

In Asia and the Middle East, rose syrup is very popular but this is not the case amongst my friends in America. I personally am not crazy over anything “rose” (there is only one brand I am partial towards) but this drink is an exception.

In a bowl of ice, add
4 tablespoons of rose syrup
1 cup of milk (I use low fat milk pastuerised milk but you can use anything you like)
2 cubes of watermelon
Mix and blend
If you are not able to get a rose syrup that you like, you can also use a few drops of rose essence and 1 drop of pink food colouring
Keep it chilled until you are ready to serve

DO NOT add any more ice as you do not want to dilute the drink.
To serve, fill a glass 3/4 way and put in cubed watermelon.
You can thank me later for this refreshing recipe