Thai Iced Chillers

I love Thainad! I love Thai food and I love shopping in Thailand. Bu lately, I have developed a new craze – Thai Teas!
Today I am going to share with you two of my favourite Thai teas which are not only delish but also full of healthy goodness.

The first one is made with lemongrass. Anyone who is familiar with Thai or Asian food will know how aromatic the fragrance is. The nutritional value is also amazing. The health benefits include it being an energy booster and nerve calmer. It is also beneficial to promoting restful sleep. For more on the health benefits of lemongrass, I recommend this article.

The recipe is not even a recipe, it is so simple to make!

In a pot, add
1 pitcher of water
2-3 stalks of lemongrass.
You need to use the side of a knife or a pestel to bruise the lemongrass in order to release the flavours.
Boil it for 10 mins

Sweeten to taste
You can use brown sugar or stevia

To turn this into a tea, just add 2 teaspoons of tea leaves and boil for another 3 minutes.

Exactly the same as above except that you swap the lemongrass with pandan. Use 2 -3 pandan leaves knotted together.

Try it and share your pics with me on Instagram #raveenacounsels