One Pot Pasta with Spinach and Parmesan

It was week day, rather a week night when I was definitely stressed for time (among other things that stressed me out that day) that I decided to give a one pot pasta dish a try. Usually I like to cook my pasta separately before adding it into the sauce. The thought of doing everything in one pot meant that I would have only one pot to wash and I needed no further persuasion.

I have been eating as much gluten free as possible, so I have used GF ingredients. Feel free to use normal pasta and you can replace the chicken with meatless meat or omit the chicken completely for a vegetarian version.

To begin with,
heat some olive oil in a pot large enough to boil as much pasta as you require
add to that some chopped garlic.

Then add in
strips of boneless chicken*

Add in
1Tablespoon of plain flour*
You can also use glutenfree flour or corn starch

Ensure the flour is cooked
Into this, add 2 cups of vegetable broth*
and 1 1/2 cups of almond milk*
You can use milk or cream if you wish
Stir continuously to get a smooth consistency

Break the pasta in half and add to the cooking sauce
stirring often.
I used fettuccini but any pasta will be fine

When pasta is 3/4 done,
add in the sliced crimini mushrooms

Once it is cooked,
add the baby spinach and
3/4 cup of grated parmesan (I use #3)
Switch off the flame and stir till spinach leaves have wilted

Serve warm, garnish with chilli flakes and chopped coriander

Let me know how you customised your dish. Would love to hear from you

*You can vary all these ingredients with stuff suitable to your requirements