An Organised Butlers Pantry

Doesn’t it sound just so posh to have a Butlers’ Pantry? Actually, a Butlers’ Pantry is nothing more than a small room or area or even a cabinet which houses your dishes. For many it houses their “good” or rather entertaining dishes when guests are over and for some others, it keeps all their tea and dinner sets. You can use it for whatever works for you.

I use a lot of white dishes for serving and plating and have dinner sets with a white base and some sort of pattern on it to break the monotony. So I have my dinner plates and bowls in my kitchen cabinets and ALL my white plates in my Butlers’ Pantry. My Butlers’ Pantry is a double door cabinet in my pantry. This works really well for me because I don’t waste my “spoons”…err, I mean, energy on hunting down and retrieving my plates from different cabinets – it is all in ONE place.

So, here are some tips to organising a Butlers’ Pantry