Pots and Pans – info and checklist

I hope you enjoyed the video on selecting pots and pans that will best serve you – you need to have the right tools but remember the right tools for your cooking preferences and not the right tool for every single dish you can ever imagine making.

So in all honestly, that was a barb at myself first and advice second. When i sat down to research and plan this video, I realised that I had a few pans… I am using the word “a few” to be kind to myself.

The good part is that while planning this video, I took inventory of all my pots and pans, and I have given away a few. As for the others, I have a 6  pots which I am hanging on to because each one is serving a different purpose.  I need to buy 1 or 2 pots of the right size and I will be able to give away all 6.

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to download and print the checklist

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