Desk Tour

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My desk is pretty narrow and has only got three shallow drawers. However, with a little creativity and calling in on a favour from my son, I have “extended” my desk and therefore, the functionality of my work area.


My desk is very narrow and with only three shallow drawers, it gives me very little space in the drawers and on the desk top.

In order to create more space, I have extended my desk using the concept of a secretary’s table.

A rattan laundry basket that I have for many years, fit perfectly into this wall and a matching IKEA shelf above it.


The basket holds my extra printer paper, cardstock and toner and on top, I have my printer, my Menu Planning Station and my Bill Paying Caddy. Above that I have my candles, a tissue holder, my Filing System, router and our office telephone and charger.

printer drawer.jpg

The placement of the printer is actually perfect because I can open the paper feeder without any problem from between the legs of my desk.



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