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Some Advice

Right now I am wearing my Counsellor hat and am writing this post while I am in that mode. So bear with me if I sound a little preachy or like someone who has my *ish together. I am writing this from my experiences as a counsellor and someone who juggles a career and my household responsibilities.

While different people have different ideas on homemaking and housekeeping, there are some ideas that are universal.  I am not going to say that every idea here will work for you but it will be a starting point for you to formulate your own plans that work effectively for your family.

Universally, there is nothing more welcoming to a man than to come to cosy home with a smiling wife and cheerful children. Of course the smell of cupcakes baking in the oven is just the perfect bonus.

Please don’t get all sexist on me… he being in a good mood when he gets back and spending time with the family is all good and great but for the moment let’s focus on what WE can do. 

You may ask if this is achievable when you yourself probably spend many hours a day slogging in the office or at the pc if you are working from home. The answer is YES. You can wear that smile (what else you wear is entirely optional) and keep your marriage sparking – all it takes is some organising skills and plenty of practice.

Organizing and planning skills enable people to establish a course of action for themselves and others to accomplish specific results. The purpose of this section in my blog is to help you develop or expand organization and planning skills that support the continual growth and success of the partaker as an individual, a homemaker and a career person and also as part of a family.

If you have always left the running of your household to your mother (in-law) or a helper, then it will take some patience to get into the swing of managing your own household. In no way am I asking you to do away with your mother (in-law) or your helper.

God forbid! We need them but I am asking you to know your own house.

You are the queen, your kingdom can never run smoothly unless you know your subjects and their needs. You should know what there is in the fridge and where that darn table cloth is. You should hhave free time to have a long bath. If you work, you should have the pleasure of coming home and knowing what to expect.

Ten years ago, I wrote this paragraph but I am not so sure I want to use it:

These skills are like an operating system on your pc (both are ‘OS’ so to me the similarity is obvious) which include multi-tasking for those with careers, children and other social obligations. Therefore just about anyone who is struggling to juggle these responsibilities on a daily basis can benefit a great deal from these plans and ideas.

So my conclusion today in 2017, is to say that take baby steps towards an organised home and YOU CAN GET THERE!!

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