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Bless us as we do our Daily Chores

Please remember that not everything needs to be done everyday.

We cook everyday and do a load of laundry daily. It is something like your personal hygiene regime. Although we have a monthly facial and a bi-monthly manicure, does that mean we do not need to shower daily? It’s the same thing! We do a thorough cleaning weekly or fortnightly but we do the basic regime DAILY!

Daily cleaning chores are the absolute minimum that must be done on a daily basis to keep a home clean. Depending on the type of household you live in, some of these chores may even need to be done more than once during a day.

By this time, you have definitely decided how much time you are able to devote to the housekeeping (excluding cooking) duties. Be consistent with these chores so that there is no pile up which will simply slow down your daily task flow.

A list of daily chores would include (edit it to suit your needs):

~  House

*Clean as you go
*Keep living and other guest areas neat
*Open windows / doors


*Make bed
*Sweep / vacuum as needed
*Replace water for night time drinking
*Empty waste paper baskets


*Wash dishes
*Wipe counters
*Wipe sink
*Throw trash
*Sweep and mop


*Cook at least one balanced meal at home
*Clean as you go
*Add items to running shopping list IMMEDIATELY
*If something can be prepared for tomorrow simultaneously, then do it today


*Do at least one load a day.
*Complete process by drying and folding.
*Avoid ironing unless the item is needed before laundry day.


*Wipe or mop floor
*Wipe sink
*Wash bowl daily
*Clean bath tub or shower stall


*Change water daily
*Feed pet regularly
*Clean and disinfect litter area
*Show affection


*Water daily
*Remove dead leaves
*talk to your plants

Paper Work

*Flip through mail
*Keep bills on allocated tray
*Throw out uninteresting flyers immediately
*Keep reading material in designated area