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Blocking off your Time

When I say to some of my clients that they need to do their laundry on Saturday, I certainly do not mean that you do not do any laundry during the week (unless you live alone but then you will not be seeking my services would you?).  I recommend dividing the day into blocks of 4 hours each.

Every morning, Block 1 that is is partly spent in bed (I will hint that it is the best snuggle-cuddle time of the day) and partly planning my day. I slot in making breakfast for my darling who has usually built up an appetite by then (Excuse me! It’s because he hits his beloved treadmill) and getting rid of any clutter the kids might have left lying around. We pick up anything that does not belong to the dining and living area and put it into a basket. He does not need to see the mess. This basket then awaits attention in the twin’s study. In the mean time, by 8.45 I have the house to myself.

It is best to deal with schedules for those who work from home separately from those who work in an office. So I am going to deal with those of us who work flexi hours or from home here.

Planning the day is very important. Review your appointments early in the day. You might be able to beat the traffic if you get an early start. It will also help you decide on your outfit for the day. 

Some people prefer to do this step at night as part of their nightly routine. It’s entirely up to you. If that works better for you, then that is how it should be done!

Next thing is to load the washing machine. Since it is not laundry day just one load will suffice.

Then proceed to your pc or laptop. Check your e-mails. Abide by the e-mail routine to avoid getting carried away. All this will not even take you a half hour is you are faithful to your schedule. Make any calls that you need to – keep them short as other people are busy too. Open your mail and sieve through it for anything that needs your urgent attention. Everything else goes into the mail box until paper management day.

Start cleaning up. Your schedule will tell you which area requires your key attention. By noon you should be done. Set aside some time to relax either before or after cooking lunch. You will need your energy for the children when they return.

Slot in time for exercise or anything else that you enjoy. It is always a good idea to make appointments for the afternoon unless you do not have any child care support. Then you will need to work around that. That’s it for Block 1.

Block 2 – 12 noon to 4pm

The afternoons revolve around the children and their homework and often classes. Slip your errands in between drop and pick up time. Time yourself carefully as you do not want to keep the children waiting aimlessly after class.

Block 3 – 4 – 8pm

The evenings are going to revolve around some cleaning chores, preparing dinner and usually having dinner. This can be done while younger children do their homework under your supervision.

Block 4 – 8pm – 12midnight

Younger children need to tucked in. We use this time to clean up, clean our kitchen and we head to bed. We can talk about our day, watch a little tv… you get the point.