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Paper Clutter

When we start detoxing our home, we work on a whole lots of things, but very often what we overlook is Paper Clutter. 

Over the weeks (or is it months) that you have put off sorting out your mail and papers… especially receipts, you would probably have accumulated heaps of paper, mostly still in envelopes.

The very first thing that you need to do is to gather all the mail and paper into one location. I would suggest a storage box. Empty out the mail box, the dining table, kitchen counter, letter rack, the car and even your handbag. Get it all together before you get started. Also keep a large waste basket handy. Do not let the size of your assortment intimidate you!

Now work with the inverse pyramid system. That means we start with a general category and then move on to subdividing it into sub (and sometimes sub-sub) categories. Keep sub dividing until you know you will be able to retrieve any paper you need easily.

Here’s how:

1.  Open all letters and start distributing them into basic categories. Start with Home, Auto, Banking, Family, Personal etc.

2.  Throw out documents that you do not need or no longer need immediately. Do not leave it for later as that would mean resorting.

3.  Once done, pick up a pile. Start sub dividing this pile into smaller piles. For example Auto can be subbed into Repairs, Maintenance/ Fuel, Insurance etc

4.  When satisfied that you can no further sub, start filing.

Please remember to shred all documents that have personal information once you are totally satisfied with your work. Please do not shred as you go along as this can lead to very inconvenient mistakes.

Once you have done this, for future paper control, read this post!!