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Planning a Schedule

There are a number of things that we do at home which we jumble into a hop-scotch of errands and chores. I always use the example of an Asian household as I cater mostly for Asians and Expats who are living in this country with the privilege of a helper(s). It is no longer acceptable to call them maids!

Just take a moment to imagine how much time is spent when you need to get out of your computer chair, into a pair of proper jeans because the helper just told you the house was out of dish washing detergent. You rush out and pick some up, get home to see she is still chopping the vegetables.

 You sit yourself down to work on that report only to have her come out five minutes later asking you to cook the meal. You oblige but ask her why no carrots were chopped. Well, there are none. She did not tell you because she did not know you used them up on her day off. You did not realise as the fridge was too stuffed with leftovers for you to know what is in there.

Do you see the pattern here? An Asian household with the “blessing” of a maid. Yet, there is no efficiency. Why? Simply because there is no management. Life becomes a hodgepodge.

Similarly, if we are doing our own housework, what is on the menu may not be based on the ingredients in the refrigerator or in the pantry or you did not open your mail so you did not pay the utilities bill. 

To clear this muddle, we need to have a comprehensive plan. 

Remember that master plan that we made as the foundation of our organising strategy? Well now we are going fine tune the sections that you have allocated to housekeeping. So –

1.  Make a list of the seven days of the week. Keep Sunday blank for now

2.  Write down which day of the week is best for you to go grocery shopping (you might want to consider sale day or which day the children come home later than usual or a day when you can car pool to help you decide).

3.  Settle on the best day to get the children’s supplies (I suggest Tuesday)

4.  On which day does the house require more cleaning? (consider Monday as the children are home over the weekend or the day after swimming or sport activities as outfits and gear cover the floors)