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There is No Place like Home

There is no place like home, even for your things. Once you have completed the de-cluttering or “detoxing” your home, you should be able to find a place for the things that you need.

Every item has to have a home.

Home is the safest place to be
~ Raveena Singh

Here are some ideas to help you organise your things.   

1. Keep things where they are used

You do not want to do a sprint every time you need something so keep things where they are normally used.

2. Level with it

Items that are regularly used should also be placed at easily accessible height. Rarely used items can be stored in hanging cabinets but do ensure that heavy and bulky items are best stored at floor level to avoid any collapse or mishap.

3. Get Storage Aids

Invest in pretty baskets, bins, racks and crates. Place like items together in each of these for convenience.

A request is NOT to buy every pretty basket in sight, but to measure and be very sure if all the items will fit inside and if the basket/box will fit into the shelf before buying anything!!

4. Create New Storage Nooks

Instead of putting everything out of sight, frequently used items can be placed on trays or baskets and used to add a cozy look to the room. Baskets on top of cupboards and under beds are also very handy for additional storage space.

5. The Fifth Box Revealed

In the “Brave the Clatter of your Clutter” article I advocated the Four Box Method, I am allowing you the liberty of a fifth box. Please do not create twenty boxes under the guise of the fifth box. All items that you are unsure if you will need or want to keep are to be placed in the fifth box. Store this box out of sight for about six months. If out of sight becomes out of mind, then you can safely donate the boxes.

6. Put things away immediately, do not procrastinate. 

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