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Wanting to get Organised

Wanting to get organised is pretty much like wanting to lose weight. You can both jump into it and jump out just as quickly for the want of being able to cope with it OR you can go about making positive and guided changes in your lifestyle at your own pace and never have the need to look back.

The secret to getting ahead, is to get started
~ Sally Berger

In order to ensure that you do not jump into it and then the overwhelmed you do not jump right out of it, you will need to adjust yourself slowly and steadily to your new lifestyle.

Step One will obviously be to organise your own self. In order to make/find time to organise your home, you will need to put your life in order – i.e.. Manage your time better, maybe not do errands that do not help you fulfil your goals, watch less TV, spend less time on social media etc. You will need to establish certain rules for yourself in order to create time for organising your home and only you can decide what is important to you and what you can sacrifice. I just want to add that sometimes having to say NO to a friend or family member is necessary. 

Step Two is about using your newly found or created time to work on what is important to you, yet lacking in life. This the premise of this entire discussion. Even if you are only able to commit to 15 minutes to begin with, that is fine! 

In case you are curious, Step Three is about forging better relationships and Step Four is about opening your home to friends and family.

Just remember that it is all about creating a balance between an organised home and a fulfilling family, career and social life. None of the above should be at the expense of another facet of life

Once you have achieved the balance in all that, then the world is your oasis. You will have the time, energy and the know-how to organise everything else!