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8 Reasons to Get Organised

Getting Organised is not an option, it is THE WAY TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. I find being organised very satisfying as I am sure you do or at least will but satisfying is a very subjective, personal word. Here are 8 more factual and tangible reasons why you should clean up your act !

1. Less Stress

With everything scheduled you know exactly exactly what needs doing and when. There is no nagging tugging feeling at the back of your mind wondering if there is something  that has slipped your mind.

2. More time with Family

Definitely! Once you know the plan, you will no longer be running in circles. And the lack of stress will surely be noticed my the happy children.

3.  Getting Organised Gets Things Done

Indeed it does. There are no missed deadlines and no sleepless nights. You know what needs to be done and you have set your own pace on the timeline.

4.  Stops Procrastination and Overwork

When overwhelmed by the immensity of a task, we tend to put it of. It seems so tiring just to think about it, what more to do it. But if we organise the task and break it down into bite sized chunks, it becomes so much less demanding

5. Do the Right Thing at the Right Time

We can plan the pace and have a  gameplan.

6.  Increase Performance

With the right time and habits, you can focus on the task at hand so much better thus achieving better results. Remember! Being focused means less mistakes and clearer thinking – that saves time too.

7.  Achieve goals and results

Organising includes establishing your goals and learning how to achieve them.

8.  Healthier Lifestyle

These are reasons enough for a healthier lifestyle. Throw in an exercise routine if your newly found free time just for good measure.

May the Angel of Time Management watch over you
~ Raveena Singh