Good Habits of Good Food

I love cooking but the chopping and the washing up after – not so much! I do love cooking but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that I love spending hours in the kitchen! Nope! Not at all!! To the contrary, I like things that do not take too long to prep and cook.

I have simplified my life by practicing FOUR very good habits (if I may say so myself). It makes cooking so much more pleasurable and so much easier to manage. I cook about 16 meals a week and here is the secret to my success… and sanity.

  1. Menu Planning

    Every Sunday evening or Monday at the latest, I make it a point to sit down and carefully plan my menu for the week. I do try to include my family in this so everyone gets something they would like. To know more, click here.

    .menu planning station
    This is my Menu Planning Station which I use to do my weekly planning. I will post a video on my system soon. To ensure you do not miss out on the video, you can follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog so I can keep you updated.


  2. Food Prep

    There is no way I am willing to dirty my chopping board and knives, graters, peelers and graters every day, or worse twice a day! NO WAY!!!
    I take the easy road – I food prep. Nothing goes into my refrigerator unless it is cut, chopped, marinated and if possible pre-cooked.
    We go to the poultry and meat market every alternate week, grocery shopping monthly and the farmers’ market every Tuesday. 


  3. A Well Stocked Pantry

    It is very important to know what you have in  your pantry. You want to use things in there so nothing once bought goes forgotten or left out of your menu when you plan. And you also want to positively know that the something you are planning to use is available in your pantry.
    For more information, watch my Pantry Organisation video.


  4. An Organised Refrigerator

  Fresh produce, fresh vegetables, all prepped and ready for use take the sting out of     cooking. You can focus on the flavours and the trying out new recipes instead of
worrying about the pile of chopping boards, knives and prep plates.

Author: Raveena Singh

Hi I am Raveena Singh, a Certified Professional Organiser and Counsellor. Let's enjoy our homes one space, one meal at a time! 🌸🍃