What’s New

Hi lovelies!

We are settling in very well.

I am totally enjoying having my parents so nearby. My Dad comes over every little while to help us with his handyman talents and Mum, well she is Mum, she waits for me to visit her upstairs but it is a pleasure knowing I can be there for them. Running their errands or just helping out.

So, for an update, this is now a functional home. The kitchen is organised as is the pantry and we did have our bedrooms functional right from day 2. All in all, we are quite comfortable.

I am so full of ideas for my new house – literally going crazy with the excitement. There are enough rooms in here for me to be able to some intensive segregation of utility for each room. That in itself is so exciting and I am also eager to share the photos and videos with you, hopefully very soon. For now here is the view from my patio.


Till tomorrow, happy homemaking!!
4 September 2018

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