Creating a Breakfast Station


Creating a breakfast station/counter may have pretty much been the very best idea I have come up with for my home. I am seriously not a morning person but unfortunately for me, most of my more frequent house guests are.

So for me, this is an ideal solution for my mornings with guest. I simply prepare everything the night before (yup! I can keep going till anytime I need to at night) and tell Paul what needs to be laid out in the morning.

So come morning, Paul has his toast and lays out whatever I have prepared. My guests are very much aware that they will find a proper breakfast laid out for them as early as 7am, and I don’t have to even get out of bed if I don’t want to.

Personally, I feel my guests do enjoy this time on their own. My mum and mum in law both like to read their scriptures in the quiet of the morning and our cousin usually has his breakfast and then pops back into bed.

This post is dedicated to IKEA as everything that I have used to create this station, is from IKEA. The MALM drawers are ideal for storing other breakfast and snack items. I have biscuits, cereal, beverage powders and a tea box all tucked away neatly into the drawers for easy access.
The organiser on top of the chest of drawers is also from IKEA and it has plates, cups, bowls and saucers, as well as cutlery, always ready for use.

Now tell me, is this not a great idea for any household? Even kids can help themselves to snacks without messing up the pantry or the refrigerator!!

IMG_3412     IMG_3411

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