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How to Get Organised

I had written a series of articles for a magazine on How to Get Organised and I have been asked to rewrite it based on today’s “culture”. I suppose by that what they mean is that Perfect Homemaking is no longer an acceptable term!

Today, we are emphasising that we are not seeking perfection because perfection is intimidating and unnecessarily stressful, so we are going to go with PROGRESS.

Frankly, does it really matter what you call it as long as it feels efficient and capable right??!! But it seems that it matter because people have become more sensitive to terminology.

That being the case, the underlying principles have not changed.

In order to get organised, you need to organise your home, yourself and your family, but let’s start with our homes. Of course, you will also have to organise yourself because that is how you are going to free your time and energy – a whole lot of energy goes into running the home for our family and ourselves. You will need to set your priorities in order.

In this section we are going to deal with organizing our home and I would like to divide this into two parts.

1. Declutter or detox

I love calling the process of giving away, donating and throwing out things a detox of my home. Just by saying detoxing, I already have a sense of clean and healthy and that feels good. So this part is about detoxing and getting things in order to create a warm home for my family and me.

When we detox, we will be doing the following:

2. In this second stage, what we want to do is to have meals ready on time, we want to clean systematically (instead of cleaning some areas all the time and other areas none of the time)… we don’t want to clean some areas frequently and neglect other parts of our home. So, we will create precise tasks for measured time periods on each specific day, such as:

In short, let’s just say the first part is about getting the house in order and the second part is about keeping it that way!!!