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Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your house clean is probably the most important part of home organizing and of a beautiful home. All the lavish or artistic décor has truly got very little so say for your home if it is covered with dust or cluttered.

However, this definitely does not mean that you need to do everything everyday!

It is important to do as little as possible or as much as needed to keep the home organised, neat and of course comfy… and cleaning needs vary from home to home, from family to family. Those with babies require much more hygiene though having toys around the house is quite acceptable and those with school going kids will probably find stationery and books around the home. We are all adults so I am laden with loads of dishes and laundry!!

Every person has not only different cleaning needs, each person also has a certain amount of time they can set aside for cleaning and homemaking. I, personally have a lot more time than for example my daughter, who only cleans on Saturday but does her dishes daily.

If you are looking for ideas on how to schedule your cleaning – so you don’t always do the same places and overlook other areas, a great place to start in, they are pretty awesome and they also send out reminders and are a very motivating group of mentors.

I, too started with FlyLady but have over the years developed my own system although I still try to follow their very first rule of having a shiny sink every night, unless I have dishes which need to be soaked overnight.

Just follow the basic rules of tasks that need doing daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. Find a way to incorporate that into your daily routine – you can use a planner or a check list – and you will always be on top of your home!!