Organising Personal Space for your Pet

Believe me when I say that my pup Zoey needs her personal space, she literally wants quiet time around 3pm. I say pup but Zoey is almost three years old. She is a baby is almost every way… a potty trained one fortunately! She wants to sleep with me and Paul, she demands attention and cuddles, she has a good vocabulary of understanding and she is very sensitive to our movements. She even has different games that she wants to play with each of us. Somehow, by about 3pm, she gets tired and she wants to be alone for an hour or so. She will quietly creep into her own area and play with her toys or take a nap.

Photo 16-10-17, 11 12 27 PM (1)



She has been doing this since she was about six months old. Just take a look at her getting away from everyone for a break!




So we decided that she needs a space of her own. We have an alcove that we do not really use and we turned that into her personal area. She eats there, her play mat and bed, her toys and her blanket are all there, along with her water fountain.

She loves this area! And honestly, it was not at all costly. Everything (well, mostly except for a couple of stuffed toys from IKEA) is from Kmart in Chatswood Chase, Sydney – and  her water fountain which is from Pet Safari, Singapore.


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