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Good morning my loves!

Today is an early start and hopefully very productive day!

I am seriously interested in starting my day earlier than I used to. I have more to do everyday to get my home up and running.

What I did yesterday was clear up my potential home office/ study room. I have a good sized space to set up. I am definitely not ready to buy or custom make the furniture for this room yet. I want to get the feel of where I want things to be, where I best like my desk to be and how I want it to look. For this, I repurposed 1 Kallax and 2 Besta cabinets (IKEA) and I am also using my old desk and bookcase. This gives me the ability to see the placement of things and decide what improvements are needed.

I have put my desk against a wall (not sure if it will stay) and each morning that I walk out of my bedroom, I see my desk and my laptop there, waiting for me and I gravitate towards it and start working on something. I am definitely more productive!!

My advice to you is, enjoy the feel of your space, make it welcoming and functional and you will find yourself not just being productive but enjoying the experience too.

Try it and let me know how you feel…

Till tomorrow, happy homemaking!!