Pantry Organisation


Good morning my lovelies

I am so excited that I am officially back on YouTube. I have taken a break because there have been so many changes in my life. As you know we moved country and I am just so excited to share our new home with you.

The first rooms I worked on were of course our bedrooms and bathrooms, followed by the kitchen which are all sufficiently functional but it is my pantry which is the first room in the house which is completely done!!

Gotta admit that over the years, I have been relying more and more on IKEA’s storage and organisation products and items so it should not come as a surprise that this time around, my pantry is almost 100% IKEA. Right from the ALGOT shelving system to the KUGIS boxes and DROPPAR containers, right down to the stepping stool – everything old and new is from IKEA!!!

Besides being absolutely in awe with the durability of IKEA products, there is also another reason I have selected the plastic boxes and bins from IKEA, instead of opting for any other finish. My kitchen and entertainment kitchen both have a very sleek, glossy white finish and the boxes and bins have the same clean, glossy surfaces, making all three rooms look extremely cohesive.

I hope I have excited you enough to want to see my pantry!!

PS/ Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give the video a thumbs up if you take some tips back with you for your own pantry.


Till tomorrow, happy homemaking!!
16 September 2018

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