Finally! My Kitchen Tour

Hello there! Where have I been for the last two weeks? You will not expect what I am about to tell you!

I had a case of retinal detachment – out of the blue!!!!

So, two weeks ago, I realised my vision was blurry and since I had a scheduled visit to my GP, I thought I would ask him to take a look and I did. He told me it was cataract and there was really nothing worrisome as it would be a while before I needed surgery. I took a sigh of relief and moved along with my life… then three days later, my blurry vision was replaced by a grey shadow and I was unable to see anything. Still telling myself not to panic, I went to the ER the same night and they told me since I was not in pain, I should come back the next morning and visit the ophthalmologist ie. the eye specialist. Again, I did as requested and the ophthalmologist confirmed the diagnosis by Dr Google that I had retinal detachment BUT she was not a retinal expert and therefore once again I was given another appointment. She did however confirm I had 4 tears and it was beyond the scope of laser repair.

Coming home, my daughter had done her research (she is a fantastic researcher) and she had made an appointment for me with ISEC – International Specialist Eye Centre. So, come the next morning, I trotted down to ISEC and within the hour, a vitrectomy was done! Now just to be clear… a vitrectomy has nothing to do with a vasectomy – a vitrectomy is the reattachment of the retina using gas.

Anyway, the entire problem and the process was painless to the eye. But the neck suffers – after a vitrectomy you need to look down for about 15 hours of the day. I was literally doing the bow of shame for 4 days – gotta admit I could not manage the 15 hours a day but I did my best.

Today, I got the green light from my ophthalmologist to resume certain activities so I decided to type a post to tell everyone TO GO TO AN EYE SPECIALIST FOR ANY MATTER TO DO WITH YOUR EYE – Please, please see a specialist for problems with headaches, your heart, your eyes and even your ears.

There is no guarantee how my recovery will fare although the general rate is 90% but I am hoping for the best.

Anyway, enough of that, my daughter was a real sweetheart and she edited and released a video for me. The voice is mine, but she did all the work filming, editing and posting the video!!!!!


Do watch this video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

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