Christmas is Coming!!

Gosh, is it that time of the year already? Are we really putting away the pumpkins and taking out our Christmas decorations?? Yes, yes and yes! We are a month away from Christmas.

I certainly did not grow up celebrating Christmas. In fact the very first time I saw the festivities of Christmas was when my parents took me to Europe for Christmas in 1986. I was absolutely stunned to see the décor at Jelmoli, The House of Brands in Zurich, Switzerland.

Christmas began in our home only in 2003 when my daughter insisted on a Christmas tree. From then on, every year (almost), we would put up a tree and over time, we bought a taller tree and more decorations…

But this year, we decided to do something totally different. Instead of decorating our tree, we decided to do something completely “untraditional” to us. We decided to decorate our home, so I created vignettes of different types and textures around my home. Click here to see my vignettes

So this is going to be the first… hopefully of many, and we are going to do much more this year than we ever have done! The usual is to accept invitations and celebrate Christmas with our friends who do but we have also decided to have a family Christmas Dinner at our home – and I am going to film as much as I can and share it with all of you over the next few weeks.

For now, do watch two videos I have uploaded on Dollar Store Gift Hampers and another sharing a care package I made for my son who is away at the university.

I hope you enjoy these videos and do subscribe to my channel Raveena at Home so you don’t miss any of my videos!!

Love, Raveena

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