Potluck Ideas

I truly enjoy cooking and throughout the year, every time I cook something or taste something, it sort of goes into my repertoire and I mentally decide when and where this recipe can be used. Yet, every year, I also resort to some dishes that have been tried and tested over the years.

In the latest video on YouTube, I have shared three dishes which are truly tried and tested. These are not only delicious but also great choices for potluck events, because they transport very well. I am personally quite opposed to transporting liquidy stuff because I have had my fingers burnt! *literally – because it spilt on my hands*

One of the best things I like about being invited to a potluck is I am no longer required to rack my brains for an appropriate gift. Etiquette requires us to either take a dish or a gift, so the dish is adequate, plus it definitely makes entertaining for fun and less stressful for the hostess.

So, the three dishes that I have shared in this video are my Bacon and Pasta Salad, Broccoli and Cauliflower Baked Rice and my popular Bread Pudding. This is the first time I have divulged my recipe for my bread pudding…

I truly hope you enjoy this video and try out all the dishes and I look forward to creating more cooking videos for Christmas that throughout the year ahead.

Love, Raveena







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