Christmas Lunch

Oh my God!!! My son is coming home for Christmas after all. Today is his final exam for this semester and then he will sleep… he hasn’t slept for some 40 hours.

Unhealthy?? Totally agree!!!

I know he is missing home cooked food, I mean, hostel food is hostel food so matter how well prepared.

Since he absolutely loves sausages, I know I will be making lunch with sausages and he also loves haloumi cheese. There was really not much to plan because with sausages, there have to be potatoes and that literally spells Mash and Bangers!!

So, my menu is pretty straight forward. It’s bangers with a French onion gravy, creamy mash, topped with sautéed peas and finished off with a slice of grilled haloumi, served with a Caesar Salad 🤩

I am going to film as I cook this meal so look out for that on my channel and you can follow the links here for complete recipes.

Happy Cooking,
Raveena  ~xoxo~



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