Carrying your Load

Everybody has their baggage, and the loads they carry. For me, that burden is my daily load of laundry. In truth, most of my friends hate doing laundry. They all look at me funny when I proudly declare my love for laundry, and that my favourite part is when I take out warm and fragrant towels from the dryer. But let’s keep this between us actually, because if my mini-adults get wind of this fact, they may no longer feel guilty piling up the laundry baskets as high as they do. Over the years I have developed quite a few tips and tricks for churning out fragrant soft clothes and fluffy towels. So, here are my 10 LAUNDRY TIPS that will make you proud of every batch you fold.

  • Spruce up your Laundry Room

If you want to enjoy doing laundry, create a room you like to be in. One of my friends has an iPod that permanently sits in her laundry room so she can listen to her old favourites while she irons (basically music her kids laugh at)

Decorating the room can be FREE if you just shop your home first. Assess how much stuff you need to store in the room and get sufficient storage. You can use shelves with baskets, cabinets, wire racks, anything as long as it allow you to keep the room neat and tidy.

Another important thing is to ensure the room is bright and if possible airy.

  • Do Laundry Regularly

The common rule is of course to do at least one load of laundry every day but that is meant for a family. Should you be two or three people, then you probably won’t be doing 6 or more loads a week. So space it out. Do your laundry say on Monday and Thursday or three times a week but do it regularly!

Remember that a load of laundry doesn’t mean just to wash and forget about it in the washer until the next time you need to do laundry. It means you wash, dry, fold and return the clothes to their respective closets or wardrobes.

I do a load of laundry every day and two loads on Saturday (when the mini adults bring their dirty laundry home – no pun intended!) but I fold and tidy up the next day. For example, on day 2, I wash and then either start the dryer or hang them on a clothes lines and then fold and keep away the laundry from day 1. So, I am doing the full routine daily but just not the same batch.

  • Sort the Clothes

There are different ways to sort the laundry but sorting is a must. Always separate the whites and darks AND also separate heavy garments such as jeans and heavily soiled garments too.

My trick is that I soak my whites in a bit of laundry detergent and bleach for a few hours and then I rinse out the bleach. I put them in the washing machine with other light coloured clothing. This way I do one cycle instead of two – saving on detergent and energy consumption.

  • Use Detergent Wisely

There is absolutely no need to use too much detergent. Your clothes will not get any cleaner than clean. If there are stains, then deal with those prior to washing, not by adding extra detergent.

Then comes the question of which detergent? Not to do any name dropping here, I am just going to say, I use something for brighter whites and colour care. I personally prefer liquid detergents because I feel there is less residue build up but for my dirtier clothes, I use half the amount of liquid and I use a stronger powdered soap which I pop into the drum for soiled clothes and baking soda for smelly ones.

  • Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners do their job but not always. For towels, you don’t want to get too much softener on there because it is going to form a layer and your towel will not be able to absorb water like it used to. So, instead of softener, use vinegar. It works but hey! I need the fragrance so I use a detergent which has Downy and then add vinegar.

Microfiber towels should never be touched by softener or it is nothing but a useless rag. Use vinegar.

  • Dryer Rules

First thing that I want to say is if the weather permits, why use a dryer? Hang the clothes in the sun, let them get some air. Well, even if you want to use the dryer for certain garments, I strongly recommend that you dry your whites in the sun. It actually helps to make whites whiter.

Another thing is a quick tip, leave your clothes in the dryer until they are cool so they retain the fragrance of the softener.

Of course, I still take my towels out warm (because I won’t have it any other way) as I do not use fabric softener.

Well those are my laundry tips for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And if I come up with anything else to share, you will be the first to know!!

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