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Morning Routine

A good morning routine is the foundation of a well managed home. It is excellent for starting your day off on the right foot. Just like your own personal morning routine of showering, skin care, eating breakfast and taking your supplements prepares you for the rest of the day ahead, similarly the morning home routine helps recharge and prepare your house to face the onslaught of activities and mess it will undoubtedly host.

Of course, every morning will differ from person to person, according to the size of your home and the number of people in your family, inter alia. However, there are certain things that remain universal. And by simply adding a few key tasks on into your personal routine can genuinely make all the difference in the world.

Here is a sample of things most people would do in the morning:

You are most likely already doing all or at least most of these tasks mentioned, every single day whether you realise it or not. Or you may not. You might not have a pet for example, but you may have a garden you need to water. You may not be clearing that one hotspot in your house that always seems be piling higher. You may have young children you need to send off to school, which is a routine all of its own. (I’m glad those days are behind me!) That said, there will definitely be other to-dos for your lifestyle. Consider which of those things you can do in the morning so that the rest of your day sails by smoothly. Now, write them all down.

You might be a little overwhelmed at this point, if you have never really considered all the things that need to be accomplished first thing, or put maybe you’ve just never seen them all onto paper. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you should tackle this all by yourself. Delegate! Getting all able members of the household to participate is an important part of the routine.

If you have domestic help, you can supervise this routine to ensure your home is fully charged. Or if you live with another person who partakes his/her share of the housework, take turns to do the morning routine or share the tasks. And you can even get your children to take on the responsibility of one or more of the to-dos. A lot of people don’t realise how helpful children can be, and how much they enjoy helping. Use that to your advantage!

Now, initially this routine might take you a bit longer than you’d like. Don’t worry. As you go along doing it daily, these chores will become almost subconscious habits. After all, habits are formed by regularly practising something. You will find your groove. Not only that, you will be able to make your routine more efficient and it will take less time overall to complete it. For example, if you’re finding yourself walking back and forth from the same room, you may realise you can do all those tasks together and conserve that bit of energy and time. This will leave you with more time for other pursuits, as well.

At this stage, we are only going to focus on achieving just this. So, simply start with a morning routine for one whole week. All other tasks can be added slowly over time. Don’t stress! Baby steps lead to victory. And remember, if you have to miss out on any day because hey! life happens, just jump right back in and resume the next day. Don’t even sweat it.

And keep in mind as you go through this week, to look out for signs of a well recharged home. After you did all the tasks on the list, was your home tidy enough? Were you able to find things where they should be? Did you drink enough water? Now that will tell you a whole lot about what your next task should be.

So, let’s get started and kick in some good habits!

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