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Evening Routine

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Having worked on your Morning Routine for the whole week, it is definitely time to include an Evening Routine. While the morning routine helps you start your day right, the evening/night routine, enables you to end your day on the right note AND set the tone for the next day. I am going to leave the Afternoon Routine for later as that is a little more complicated.

Let’s define the word routine, it is a sequence of tasks that we do repeatedly to form a habit. Do remember, that while not all habits and routines are healthy or productive, THIS ONE IS! However, formulating and creating an effective routine is going to be hard work. It takes some dedication and discipline to set yourself up for success.

The evening routine has two main objectives:

  1. To unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Meditation, reading, knowing the house was left in order are all great to-dos to add into your evening/night routine.
  2. To make your morning easier. It’s definitely easier to pick up from where you left off if things are left organised the night before.

Your Evening Routine can start any time in the evening. The starting time will vary from home to home and in fact, it might even vary from day to day. I would try and coincide it around dinner time, including just before and just after.

The ultimate outcome at the end, should be what you WANT TO SEE WHEN YOU WAKE UP THE NEXT MORNING. You want to see a neat and tidy living room, an empty sink, you want to find clothes already put away in your closet and a plan for the rest of the day. That is a successful evening/night routine! You can even say that your morning starts with your evening routine.

The first to-do is your monthly and seasonal cleaning, but I would ask you to ignore that for this week. (But do stay tuned for that article, which is coming soon!) Start with task number 2. Most of the recommendations and advice is already on the Morning Routine, but I will repeat the same here.

It is really important to find time between your morning routine and your evening routine to do other things, including your work if you’re working from home, or part-time or even full-time. It’s especially important to spend some part of the day socialising (not only online but also actually spending quality time with family and friends), heading outdoors, exercising or walking, and yes, even enjoying your hobbies.

That said, dinner time is often the perfect time to get some face time (no, I don’t mean the app) with the family. This could mean cooking the meal together before sitting down at the table, and/or cleaning up together. As always, I recommend getting everyone in your household to help out. Don’t be afraid to delegate! Your kids can definitely help wipe the dining table, your teenager can wash the dishes and your spouse can help mop the sticky kitchen floor.

If you’re still feeling unsure or you’ve never had the whole family pitch in before, don’t worry. Just like any other routine, there will be a few kinks to work out as you go along. The important thing is to try to implement it and as you progress, you can tweak it and add or remove some tasks to suit your needs.

Basically, the outcome we are seeking is to go to bed with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that your house is clean and ready for the next morning. Routines create high achievers. And after all this is done, don’t forget to carve out some time for yourself before bed. You also need to be rejuvenated for the day ahead. Read a few pages of your book, do your skincare regimen or put on some aromatherapy – whatever you need to do to relax is important enough to schedule it in as well.