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Stretching your Day

You want to know how to find time to declutter in addition to cleaning the house when your day is already packed with activities. You are right to say there are only 24 hours in a day that will never change. Whatever you do has to be done within those given 24 hours, which means you need to purposefully create some time to getting rid of the clutter. So, how can you create time within the framework of a day to set aside for decluttering? The answer is simply to free up the time from other activities.

So here is a list of activities or tasks that you can avoid or minimise in order to create this much needed time.

  • Time spent watching TV

I certainly am not asking you give up your family time or time spent unwinding in front of the TV altogether but you might be able to spend less time bingeing and thereby free up maybe just half an hour twice a week.

  • Time spent on social media

It’s pretty much the same as watching TV but this is mostly time spent relaxing or catching up. Setting a time limit for social media proves useful in general as most people will admit much more time than desired online.

  • Give yourself more waking hours

By waking up earlier or sleeping later, you are actually giving yourself a few additional productive hours every day.

  • Take leave from work

If you have any vacation time due to you, then now might be a good time. Instead of planning a holiday, plan to declutter instead.

  • Cancel a meeting, appointment or classes

Cancelling a meeting or appointment that is not crucial at the present moment or a class for a semester is another great way to free up some time in the immediate future. You can always reschedule your appointments and resume the classes once your decluttering process is accomplished.

  • Give up a hobby temporarily

It’s only temporary so maybe you can give up or at least lessen your scrapbooking or baking or whatever it is you do in your spare time.

  • Car pool, cook in rotation, take turns to take children out

If you can get a small group of friends or family and take turns to drive the children or take them to the park, you will can free up a few hours every week which you can divert towards decluttering.

  • Delegate

Get your spouse to take over certain tasks in the house or the older children to help out, so you can free up some time to declutter.

  • Get paid help

If you can find a few extra bucks, then it is always possible to hire someone to do some household cleaning so you are able to devote some time towards getting organised. If you run a business, then a temp or intern will be suitable for you to deputise to do your paperwork.

  • Better time management

Better time management is all the above and some more. Planning your day well so you do not waste time in traffic and running a few errands en-route each time you go out are great examples of saving time.

Multi-tasking is also an effective method of getting things done faster. Say unloading the dishwasher or loading the washing machine, while cooking is a great time saver.


Having given the above examples of gaining spare time, it is important NOT to extract this time from your short term time sensitive goals. Neglecting or losing track of time meant for other responsibilities is definitely not appropriate. Remember to prioritise your chores, and only eliminate tasks that can wait or can be passed on.

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  1. Hi Raveena. I chanced upon a video of yours while browsing some decluttering / organisation videos on YouTube. Your diction was what drew my attention at first. Then your calm and collected tone. Then, WOW, your methodical approach to decluttering / organising kept me hooked to “Raveena”. Love how thoughtful you are while doing up rooms. Mindfull, practical and fantastic taste.

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