Order Now!! Management Planner 2020

It’s here! It’s beautiful and it is for you!!

The Ultimate Home Management Planner 2020

The first 10 orders will get a signed copy complete with a personalised note just for you!

Pay locally in Malaysia & in India

One Comment

  1. Raveena Singh

    Feedback by Users:

    Is82 (01 January 2020)
    I’m so happy of it. You are a life saver.

    Amrita Mahajan (01 January 2020)
    Just bought it! Planner looks great. Great job Raveena!

    Jenny Stanley (01 January 2020)
    Beautiful job on this planner Raveena. Your planner is so carefully orchestrated. Wonderful job.

    Aarti Mehta (01 January 2020)
    Great job Raveena. I really appreciate your home planner.

    Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Baby (01 January 2020)
    I ordered without knowing what the insides looked like. I wasn’t worried, as I knew it would be beautiful if it was one of yours. I’m very excited to see the planner, can’t wait for it. Again, thank you so much for listening to your subscribers, telling you how much everyone is loving your planner. So congratulations on your new little baby. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

    Sunita Devaiah (01 January 2020)
    Great planner Raveena!

    Khushi Malhotra (01 January 2020)
    Very useful… appreciate your work.

    Sandra Riddler (02 January 2020)
    Happy New Years to you and your family. I’m so grateful for the planner, it is absolutely wonderful and I already feel overwhelmed as my family and I start our journey through a new decade. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

    Sonali Kulkarni (03 January 2020)
    I’m loving it… chores, menu plan and to do list, everything at a glance. Nothing can be better than this.

    Lisa Kishpaugh Murray (03 January 2020)
    I’m loving it.

    Nisha Bansal (04 January 2020)
    OMG this looks super adorable.

    Christine Seelbach (04 January 2020)
    It’s so lovely Raveena! You must be SO proud! Congratulations!!

    Silvi Lincoln Abraham (05 January 2020)
    Started using this morning… all of us (my family too) liked it. Raveena’s website helped me a lot to organise my house.

    Renee Amina (14 January 2020)
    Btw I love love my planner it’s just awesome! It’s cute and functional! ❤I have been using it daily I just need to sit down and organize the meal plan stuff more.


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