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Vegan Stew

It’s not everyday that I upload a vegan recipe but this stew may be vegan yet everyone loves it. This is my mum’s recipe and believe me when I say I had no idea this is how her version starts. Mine is totally different btw!

I want to mention, that if your family is in anyway like mine, and you too have a few people who must have some meat added to each meal, then this “hack” I am sharing should work for you.

The ingredients are very basic and yet by my son’s standards of culinary expectation, it is an amazing dish!!


4 cups vegan/mushroom stock
5 potatoes – thick chip cut
3 carrots – cut similarly to potatoes
12 Swiss button mushrooms – halved or quartered depending on size
1/2 cup frozen green peas
1 onion – cut into eighths
1 tsp Italian seasoning or herbs


  1. On medium heat, boil the stock in a large pot adding in Italian seasoning.
  2. Add in the carrots and the onion.
  3. Then almost done, add in the mushrooms.
  4. Allow to boil for a few minutes, then adding the green peas.
  5. Separately, half fry the potato chips and add to the stock.
  6. Combine the corn flour and water to make a slurry to thicken the stew.
    Serve hot.

Make an extra portion as it works wonderfully a day or two later as well.

I have actually thickened it further, added some puff pastry and served it as pie a few days later.

Meat version:

Similarly to chips, salt and pepper pieces of chicken and fry separately before adding to the stew. Alternatively, pour the stew as you would a gravy on roasted chicken. I love this option!

Try this recipe and thank my mum!!