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Pantry Pasta Recipes

I am so glad to have gotten so many positive comments for the No-cook Recipes I posted earlier this week. While those were more light meals and snacks, I am adding some pasta dishes today. Now these recipes are both basic and decadent. In the video, I am sharing the basic version which will hopefully help during this lockdown period but I am also adding some optional ingredients here for better times and if you have any of the optional items at home, then you are blessed!!

You can use any type of pasta you have in your pantry for these recipes. And these should not take you more than 10-15 minutes to put together (not including boiling your pasta of course!)


That is how easy it is to make this, it is made with TOMATO KETCHUP!!
This is a very versatile dish and you can add anything into it.

You will need preboiled pasta, chopped onions and garlic, grated cheese and anything you have to spare which you like in your pasta.
In a pan, just sauté the onions and garlic and then add in the additional ingredients of your choice (I have used traffic light peppers – red, yellow and green, cubed brown button mushrooms and some ham).
Mix everything until it has softened, add in the pasta and the ketchup and chilli sauce to taste. Mix in some shredded cheese AND YOU ARE DONE!

I use Lingham’s Chilli Sauce which has a tangy and sweet flavour but you can use any chilli sauce and adjust the flavoour with some sugar.
This recipe does not always require salt wither, so do taste before adding any seasoning.

So here are the optionals. You can add a small amount of pineapple bits for a lovely flavour. I also like adding in chopped coriander (which I am running out of at this point) and also some chopped tomatoes.

Returning to the point of adding the cheese, another option is to put the pasta into an oven proof bowl and top with the cheese. Bake this until the cheese melts and serve with a sprinkle of coriander. Do not worry about which cheese is needed. Just use any cheese that you have on hand, Ideally, you can use mozzarella mixed with parmesan to get a brown crispy layer on top.


While marinara sauce is usually made with tomatoes and herbs, I like getting some carrots into my sauce. This is great for kids who refuse veggies but it also adds a natural sweetness to the sauce.

The ingredients are canned stewed tomatoes, fresh or dried basil, a grated carrot, diced onions and garlic and some reserved starchy pasta water.

All you need to do is to cook everything and allow to simmer for about 15 – 20 minutes. Then blitz everything until smooth.
Return everything to the pot and combine with the pasta.

Serve it with popcorn chicken, meatballs or even cut sausages. You can even serve it with any vegetarian protein. Add some shaved parmesan for a touch of style.


I never imagined that a pantry chicken noodle soup could be this tasty until I tested the soup simmering in my pot. I can only say that this is a new family favourite.

What I use is a can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup, some boiled fettuccine, diced carrots, potatoes and onions and some petit pois (baby green peas).

All you need to do is to sauté the onions and then continue to cook with the carrots and potatoes. Add some water or chicken broth so avoid charring as you only want to soften the ingredients.
Now add in the soup and the soup can filled with broth, Combine with the peas and the noodles. Serve warm with croutons or garlic bread on the side.