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Decluttering & Reorganising

This is what I call my D&R projects which are ongoing throughout the year. However, instead of the usual slow and steady pace I work at, things have been moving so much faster because we are all at home and half the key to success is getting help and team work!

So, what have I been up to? I have shown you my linen closet a few months ago, it was very neat but also quite cluttered because Mum and I together had a whole pile of linen and mostly duplicates. We have always bought for each other whatever we bought for ourselves and when we moved in together, it became a crazy amount of duplicates.

Strange as this may sound, a week before she passed away, she sat outside the narrow linen closet and together we went through all the sheets, bed covers, spare pillows, cushions and covers and we mercilessly decided to let go of our sentiments and be totally practical in deciding what we really needed. I am so glad we did this together. If I had to do this alone would have been very difficult to let go of her things.

Another area of my house that needed some reorganising for the same reason was, or rather is my baking station. It was full of Mum’s baking tools that she literally never decluttered. She kept her things so well, it was impossible to do away with them. But I am not as avid (or as wonderful) a pastry chef as her and my requirements are few. Therefore, that is something I am currently working on.

If you notice, I have never shown you the wet kitchen in this house. The reason is that somewhere along the line of the many tenants who lived here, someone truly messed the kitchen up. It is dreadful so now that the MCO is over, we are getting it remade. I am looking forward to two rows of extra cabinets and a proper washing area with a built in dishwasher.

I will film all these projects and share them with you as we go along, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and the Facebook page for the progress and the reveal videos.

Will write more soon! Love you all ❤️