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Post Father’s Day Update

Another week has gone by and I am currently slowing down a little on the YouTube videos. I am taking things a little slower more for personal needs than reasons. After losing Mum, I had to take charge of things, make all the necessary domestic and other changes. I was what you would call in auto-mode!

But auto-mode ended, work was no longer keeping me sane. I often see my Dad sitting alone where he and Mum would sit together, I realise more than ever that Dad needs more of my time than he is willing to admit or ask for.

I enjoy every post, every video and every image i upload, but suddenly I was feeling tired and wondering what to post. I want my content to be relevant and for you to enjoy, definitely not put together just for meet a deadline. so, that my loves is the reason I am posting a little less!!

But, of course keeping free and idle is not me! I don’t think I know how to. Which is good because this way, Dad gets included in the home projects. As you know we were getting some repairs done, which I can check off completely. My decluttering is still underway, it’s work in progress. Oh and btw, my garage is shaping up or rather, emptying out pretty well. My son and I made three donation runs so far.

If you have old stuff you want to donate, a great place to give old towels and rags is the Animal Shelter. The SPCA was not only happy to take the towels but they also needed and wanted feeding bowls. So, old batter bowls, baking tins (needless to say, they don’t care about the shape) and a bowl that sat on the measuring scale were happily received.

We sent lots of cushions, pillows and covers and other bedding which have plenty of use left in them, over to the welfare home for the orphans and the abused women there. Before, you ask me why I am donating perfectly good stuff, I want to solemnly say that we are downsizing our linen needs. How many sets of sheets and pillows does one person/bed need anyway? Two or three, max! I am not hanging on to everything for sentimental reasons, I will be prudent and practical. The trash was also taken out and sent to the skip down the block.

I call my smaller projects within my main project the inter project. So, as far as the garage goes, one of the inter projects was sorting and organising all our tools. So we have got that done too. I have to say we because it was truly a family effort to do all that decluttering.

I seldom show you this sort of “before” pics, because my house is seldom this bad! But currently, it is as we are also clearing out some of the stuff still sitting in my parent’s old house and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It just needs some attention, some TLC and everything will be put away and organised, as it should!

And lastly, yesterday, we did our yearly spring cleaning of the lighting. There are always lights that you want changed out of choice, those which may need to be replaced and definitely every light needs to be cleaned. We got that done yesterday and you want to know my thoughts on it? Woo-hoo! I feel great but thank heavens, it’s only once a YEAR!

I will definitely share more about the garage and the lighting with all of you in the next few weeks.

I trust you are keeping yourself motivated and inspired to keep your home cosy for your family – this is Raveena saying Happy Homemaking until the next time!!