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Finding my Way to Good Health

Yesterday was a very laid back kind of day for me. I wasn’t feeling energetic enough to actually be active but trust me, I try to remain productive.

I have come to accept my challenges and my health issues as a part of me but I refuse to let it define me. In case you have not caught on, I have fibromyalgia and some eye issues (hopefully in the past now).

Yesterday, in bed, I got out my running to-do list which we share as a group on Notes.

So my productivity was based on research and phone calls. I made calls, got prices and quotes, sent out measurements for quotes.

It is just going to make it so much easier to finally get decided and started on the wet kitchen.

Productivity is not just physical activity, it truly translates into “taking action” and this action can be simply making phone calls, ordering anything you need online, updating your to-do list for a better day and even making appointments.

If you really need to get physical work, then try using a timer and set yourself a teenie task. Washing all the dishes can be daunting, so wash only then glasses, then relax and matter later you can tackle the dishes!

I say this with total empathy. If you are constantly battling with a lack of energy then do look into the source of it. Are you depressed, stressed or hormonal? You might even be experiencing, undetected vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. Book a visit to someone who can help.

Today, on the other hand has been a great day. I was feeling Creative all day!! Double Bonus!!!!

So if you read my post on ZERO COST MAKEOVER, you will know I am bringing some decor up to my room from the living room. I decided to spend a little after all. I need a new mattress so hopefully tomorrow I will be finding my way there 😍

Good night my loves! Sweet dreams ❤️

3 thoughts on “Finding my Way to Good Health”

  1. Raveena….there are days where I feel lazy n there are days I feel energetic. Like u, I also accept my health conditions. Being anaemic n low platelet count…some days I feel so tired n need to just sleep. So that’s what I will do. Also sometime having ectopic heartbeats n palpitation . Nothing much I can do…jz take it easy n it will go away.
    Reading someone blog about their health gives you the assurance that others hv their bad days too n how they cope with it.
    Taking what u suggested…yes…shall do what we can per need to make the place sparkling clean but tired yourself out.

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  2. Days when you are productive and feeling good are wonderful. Each day throws its own obstacles in the way but taking one little step at a time like your suggestion for dishes will help me succeed.

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