Finding my Way through Association

Today is a Sunday. I filmed my Sunday Morning Routine Video this morning.

When I woke up this morning and walked out to this flower on the railing. I’m going to admit, I ran a few tears because my mum loved these frangipanis in our garden. It gave me a moment with mum!

There I was totally in a reverie, clicking photos with my phone…

(I posted this later in the day)

… then I was shocked out of my “moment” by two furry creatures dashing across and colliding with me in the process. It was Mao, our unfriendly neighbourhood tomcat and Zoey clawing and snarling, attacking yet defending.

I blame Mao! He roams Zoey’s space with such pride, taunting Zoey on how small she is in comparison.

This split second commotion, was followed by cold water hitting my legs and feet!

That was Paul, breaking up the fight.

This post is about association. I will always associate this same single flower, as a moment with my mum but it will also remind me of the nasty fight between Mao and Zoey.

Similarly, your feelings about housework are set deep in your subconscious associations.

When you look at your home, what do you associate it with? Never ending housework and laundry? Loads of cooking and daily dishes?

Or do you feel gratitude for having a family in your nest?

Think deeply about this. Your answer is going to very be, “of course I’m grateful but…”

You need to analyse those buts. Make a list and find the associated emotions to each but.

To help you along get some answers, I suggest typing “association of housework to the matrix of your emotions.” and read some of the articles that pop up.

I am going to end this post with a straightforward answer of my own. I feel blessed to have my family but I do wish to be appreciated, complimented and to feel needed or at least wanted.

As long as these aspects are in balance, so remains my association to Homemaking.

1 thought on “Finding my Way through Association”

  1. Oh Raveena Di, it’s my favourite flower too. I love love love them. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by these Frangipani trees on our stint in Fiji. We are back home in Melbourne Australia now and I miss seeing these blossoms. Unfortunately I cannot grow anything apart from weeds in the backyard, but I am determined to have some sort of a garden.
    I am so grateful for having the girls at home (too young to move out just yet!) while hubby finishes up his work in Fiji. I don’t get complimented on the food or a thank you for the laundry as the girls don’t realise what it is to be employed full time and manage a home with them (also while being in lockdown and working from home, not to mention remote schooling!) They will realise it when they are older or until Karma comes back 🤫🤭


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