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Finding my Way through Destiny

Home has always been a huge part of my life. I love cleaning and organising. It’s just what I do and have always done. Studying Organisation just helped me make sense of some things I did instinctively and helped me formulate new ways.

By this, one would imagine my home is perfect. Rows of perfectly organised boxes, containers and baskets with everything deliberately placed. Rooms with neatly filled drawers and closets.

But then there is destiny. Destiny takes away choices and crushes plans.
When I got married and had my kids, I never thought I’d move. We had set up roots and all I needed to do was to keep improving my systems over time, add a few and erase my bad ideas.

But after 12 years and 3 children, I moved.
And that meant starting from organising scratch, in a small apartment with just as many possessions as before.

Did i declutter? No. I was too upset about having to leave my home, to get things organised, I knew I had to put things away though. I spoke to the manager of the building and requested him to lease the empty janitor’s room on my floor to me! I packed everything I wasn’t using regularly and stuck it in the janitor’s room. I would sneak in there and get whatever I needed and put aside what I didn’t. That was my first step to separating and putting aside belongings.

4 years later we moved to a bigger apartment, then to a house – I was happy to have enough space for everything. I even added more but like I said in the audio
(below), my house was never messy. I always had many systems to keeping things neatly and in an organised manner.

But then, we had to unexpectedly move again, this time we actually moved to Singapore.
The apartments in Singapore are smaller, more compact and definitely not meant for people like me.

Since there was no way to change destiny, I had to change me! Changing means analysing and understanding the patterns of thought. The why?

I realised a few things. All my systems were great but needed to be more permanent. Renting extra rooms was not an option any longer. I also had no where to leave my things behind. I had to choose and limit myself. I went to Singapore with a fraction of what I actually owned, giving away everything else. My kids were all at tertiary level, so I got a chance to donate their school and childhood stuff that didn’t make it to our treasure box.

Paring down is never easy. It requires a lot of patience and even emotional strength.

The next 6 years were extremely organised. I decluttered regularly, took stock of our needs and kept myself and my family within those boundaries.

Then destiny threw a curveball at me again. We were back in Malaysia, but the need had arisen for a major change. My parents needed us. Moving in together meant literally accommodating two houses into one. I faced a monumental task of moving from 2 modern apartments into an older, more worn down family home.

Having doubles and triples of everything meant paring down all over again and believe me, my parents are level 2 hoarders, which means clean and tidy to The Eye until you peek into any hidden area. Closets and drawers were crammed. Everything was in their opinion, perfectly usable.

I had over the 2 years done quite a bit of decluttering for them, for example my dad’s home office and mum’s kitchen.

I started this process all over again of trying to accommodate as much as possible without upsetting my parents, but destiny decided to take my mum away, suddenly everything became even harder to sort through. Sentiments took centre stage. I t took me 3 months to brace myself and resume decluttering, slowly, starting with impersonal objects.

As I work my way through these belongings and possessions, I realise I need to change further. Maybe it’s time to be more minimalistic in my approach with my health issues and with age creeping in. Can I? Or will I continue to pride myself in my ability to organise a house with many belongings.

I have a feeling destiny will decide for me as it always has. But, let’s just say at this point, I am working on decluttering my current home and I am at peace with destiny and her unexpected.

2 thoughts on “Finding my Way through Destiny”

  1. It’s great that you shared your life story, we share a few similarities. Please continue to share your stories with us, 5hey are very inspiring and help us along with our journeys.


  2. It’s great that you shared your life story, we share a few similarities. Please continue to share your stories with us, 5hey are very inspiring and help us along with our journeys.


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