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Finding my Way through Healthier Choices

Eating is one very important aspect in our family. I grew up in a family where meals were a very important part of our day. We made sure we were at the dining table on time while in our parents home.

When eating is a big deal, cooking becomes a bigger deal. Mum was a Cordon Bleu Chef so problems there, she fished out some awesome food!

My mini adults and Paul LOVE a good variety of meals and cuisine. We do order in or we order some and cook some, whatever works for us based on our agenda for the day, but at 7pm sharp, dinner is laid out. That’s our routine!

My mini adults, are not always home, much to their Nanaji’s distaste (pun intended) but to me that just means that they are probably not getting healthy meals.

I myself am always battling health issues, and I really want to change our eating habits.

The main issue I wanted to tackle is actually breakfast and snacking.

When it comes to breakfast, I insist everyone eats but that doesn’t always happen. The guys are always rushing. Bea has a much better attitude towards breakfast than those munchkins.

As for snacking, we enjoy snacking as much as the next family – maybe a bit more!

Be it breakfast or be it a snack, everyone likes different variations of what we have.

So, I find that it makes so much sense to have a staple choice for the day. Say eggs for breakfast but everyone can either make or request what toppings they want. For snacks, I keep things like single serving cups of yoghurt. We can eat it plain, or with granola as a parfait or even turn it into a tzatziki.

I keep lots of raw vegetable sticks and dips and also fruit.

I mean I know I will grab that bag or Ruffles or Some sodium filled crackers if they are there tempting me to give in just that once.

So, best thing is to ensure we are surrounded by good and healthy options.

I have willingly converted my small refrigerator into a breakfast and snack storage, especially now that got my freezer back. Thank heavens they found the spare parts for the old guy!

This new healthy and cleaner food is a habit I plan to cultivate in myself and my family – Bea can teach us a thing or two!!

Here are some pictures of healthy dishes I had over the week, using ingredients from this fridge and my pantry.

So know more about the Snack Fridge Organisation, click on the video below.

If you have any tips to share, I will be very grateful.

I’m signing off now as I need to check on the water situation. It’s horrible not to have running water when we take it so for granted!!

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