Finding my Way through Hosting

After so many months of absolutely no social interaction, because of the dreaded Covid and then losing my mum, I decided I really wanted to do some hosting. Rather hostessing as I call it. We have extended family over for games night but this was different. I know my family in general needed a change and my friend Rita and her family were definitely the first people who came to my mind. Our husbands are buddies and so are our mini adults and all of them are such wonderful company. That’s what we needed! And Rita, being her usual forthright self, set up a date the same afternoon for our dinner date.

From that point to last night, that’s two weeks, I have had some anxiety. I was afraid on the actual date, I might not have a good day and I was terrified of not being able to function on this day in particular. My family stepped up. Every single one took some responsibility, leaving me to do only those tasks they that needed my touch.

To keep my trepidation’s at bay, I always fall back on PLANNING. If you have everything planned out carefully, chances are you will succeed.

I have an old Party Planner printable which I pulled up and started planning the event.

Once you have decided on the date and time, pick the cuisine. Food! Every get together is about the company and food – be it just snacks or a proper meal.

Dietary restrictions are very important. Ask your guests if unsure about their preferences.

Then decide on the menu. Decide where you will be serving. Will it be a sit down dinner or do you prefer to set up a buffet so there is more space on the table and no passing food back and forth.

Is the dining space sufficient or do you need to set up an extra table?

It is easy for me because I have everything on a single sheet. All the questions and all the information.

I have a column for my groceries as well and I have a 3 day breakdown of tasks. Two days by day and the last day is by the hour. You need to have a predetermined time line so You are done in good time allowing yourself to time to shower and get dressed before your guests arrive.

We had a great time and everything was well executed!! This week is a short work week for Bea so I Guess we will do some home related DIYs and organisation.

Till the next post, Happy Homemaking

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