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Finding my Way through the Tide

I actually remembered an old article I had written years and years ago for a magazine called Time and Tide wait for No one – and then I also recollected another article, Prioritising Spells Success. Both these were aimed at people looking for motivation and time to get your home organised.

The fact that you are here, it simply means you have a GOAL you are trying to achieve, and that is having a clean home.

A goal is nothing more than a series of actions taken by someone to achieve a desired result.

Watching cleaning, organising and decorating videos is definitely motivating but very often you are looking for a nudge.

When I am stumped for inspiration, I always go to Pinterest. I don’t Search! I just browse the home page. I see what catches my eye. It could be a recipe, a colour or even a detail in one of the pictures that gets me excited. I search for more. I create in my head as I go… I also lose about 30% to my bad memory… but I get by.

I have started huge projects, like my garage! It is neverending and I loathed getting out there in the heat.

So, I stopped!!

I neatened it the best I could, and left it semi done. I needed a break with something more rewarding and satisfying.

Please remember never to leave it a mess, you will be guilt ridden and might not find motivation to move on.

I am continuing with my paring down and am putting everything I am donating, giving away, selling or returning in the garage.

I am allowing it to be my “junk store”.

There are times, I suddenly find a use for something I have sent to the garage and I get it back in. But that’s ok! There are no rules set in concrete. We just share ideas and use what works.

So while my house is getting cleaner, my garage needs another clearing very soon.

I just want a garage that looks like this. Is that too much to ask for?

Pic is from Pinterest. Credit to

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