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Finding my Way through Bad Choices

Have you ever made a bad choice? Some might even say, their partner was a wrong choice but let’s keep this space about home making.

Have you done a bad purchase? Or made a bad meal? Sure you have! I have done this too often.

So, what happens next? You have bought it but now you don’t like it, it doesn’t work well or it doesn’t do the job it was meant for, what now?

So let’s tackle this systematically.

  • Can it be returned? If yes, please do. Don’t hold on to it.
  • Is it under warranty? If yes, get it repaired asap. Don’t give it the I’ll get to it treatment.
  • Can you improvise? Usually with alteration or painting or any kind of Creative DIY.
  • Watch some video tutorials or read some reviews. Maybe you are not doing it right.
  • No? Give it away to someone else IF it is of use to them. Please don’t gift a trashy piece to anyone else!
  • Can it serve any other purpose? And will you use it for that purpose?
  • Still no? TRASH IT!

There is absolutely no point in storing it and letting it take up prime real estate in your home. It’s a case of you will use it or you won’t.

Another situation is having bought something perfectly usable but you haven’t used it. Firstly, ask yourself, why did I buy it? Does that help you to realise something you had forgotten? A specific purpose?

If why you bought it sparks any ideas, then schedule a plan to use it. If it doesn’t then sell it, give it away so someone else can use it or donate it. Whatever you do, get it out of your home instantly.

Sometimes, such decisions are made very reluctantly. You know you have to but you don’t want to. In this situation, I always suggest acting on your decision quickly. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to go back on a wise decision. If it is something you plan to gift, then wrap it so you don’t get (overly) tempted to use it.

Having said all that, it’s time to take my own advice. I have a few things I should check on this morning. Oh yes! What about gifts? Items you won’t use. What do you do in that case? Let me know your solution to gifts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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