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Finding my Way through Bad Projects

The most frustrating thing in my life (home related of course) is a project gone wrong. In my case, the garage! Sorry, I threw that in but I am just so frustrated with the garage.

Our garage is at the entrance of our house. We have two entrances, one from the visitor’s parking which is convenient to use as it leads to the living room on the 1st floor and another private entrance from the courtyard on the ground floor, basically from the opposite side, which leads to the kitchen, dining room and my home office.

I have been trying to organise the garage for about 8 months now. in fact, it has been an ongoing project since we moved in. Between clearing duplicate items, unneeded things and clearing my parents old place, it never gets done. It has become the collection hub of everything we are decluttering from our home.

The main reason for this, is that the decluttering of the home itself seems to be relentless and never ending.

The only thing that comes to mind is that some of my “plans” aren’t actually working. Some are done while others are just about constantly moving items around, changing dividers and organisers without being satisfied.

I am definitely facing this issue with my linen / utility closet. I did it once but then further decluttered and somehow it is just not working for me.

This tiny room holds not just my linen but also our stock of toiletries, photo albums, gift bags and envelopes, curtain and home accessories, cables and wires and a lot more. I have also added to that a small area to keep some momentous belonging to my mum.

So, that is a huge task to not only keep things accessible but also to have a pleasing aesthetic, yet for some time now, I have not been able to find the solution.

So, I am going to go back to basics of organising.

Do I need everything? Although each item or bedding set may still be good but do I need all?

Can anything be moved? That’s the next task. I might have to remove some of the utilities there and store elsewhere.

Limiting belongings by limiting space allotted. Have a specific space for each category and limit yourself to that.

Find suitable storage solutions. Get containers, baskets, boxes and dividers to corral like items. My personal tip here is is if your items are all similarly coloured, you can have them peeking out of the storage box but if the items are colourful, it is best to keep them concealed in boxes that match the aesthetic.

On the note of storage bins, I like using bins with lids for things that I access less often so to ensure dust doesn’t collect there.

So, I plan to follow my own advice and tips to organise this overwhelming room.

And after that, I will attack my kitchen for a final declutter and then hopefully the garage.

And then, I am ready to move to a new home!! Yes, that’s my announcement.

Without my mum, we don’t need such a big house with a lift, so it’s time to move into a slightly smaller house where I hope to continue taking care of my Dad and my family for a long time.

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