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Making my Way through Filing

When we work on our homes, we are reminded to file away papers we need to keep and to discard those we don’t. Home Management Planners always set aside some time each week to attend to bill payments and filing.

Today, let’s discuss UNFILING s part of the decluttering process.

One fine morning, when you have relatively less to do…. or schedule it in if you prefer, go through your files. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

There is no such thing as a static file. Every file is dynamic!

Not only do our records need updating, we also need to discard expired paper work. Similarly, while we add new memories and achievements to our folder, if we look far back, we might be ready to let go of something we previously wanted to hold on to.

Another situation is when something becomes active. For example, you might be terminating the lease your house or purchasing a new one, all documents pertaining to the house become a necessary reference. If you have filed all house related matters together, then it’s time to create a separate file. Look through your files for all related documents and unfile them.

Start a new file. There will be lawyer’s letters and utility termination and other responsibilities you need to fulfil. This new file will make it convenient and accessible and even mobile, as you have everything kept together.

Similarly, if you have a medical problem, you might want to temporarily maintain a medical file just for your self. You will need to collect your medical reports, doctor’s notes, medication list and even insurance policies for your claims. To help with this, I also have a Health Tracker to help you along.

Once the matter on hand is settled, you can chose to maintain or revert back to your earlier system.

So, in conclusion, let’s take a look at some of the things we can consider throwing away

  • Documents more than seven years old
  • Old bills. Be sure your payment is reflected in the next bill before discarding.
  • Photos that are damaged or no longer significant.
  • Musings and doodles that are no longer meaningful.
  • Expired warranties
  • Reconsider if you need the manuals because everything is now online.
  • Receipts
  • Previous medical reports
  • Newspaper and magazine cuttings
  • Statement of settled accounts.

If you think of anything else, do share.

Well, it’s time for lunch and I am off. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

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