Finding my Way through Sentimental Decisions

Clutter can creep into every home and every item has the potential of becoming clutter.

Raveena Singh

We accumulate clutter by postponing decisions we need to make. We don’t want to procrastinate but neither do we want to make the decisions we are sensitive, sentimental or unsure of.

No matter how advanced a homemaker you are in terms of systems, these decisions are difficult for everyone. I am professional declutterer and organiser but… I am having so much difficulty on sentimental items. No amount of education or learning can control your emotions.

So what then? Are we stuck with hand me downs and unmade decisions for time indefinite?

Well, there is a way… that is removing emotions and sentiments from the equation of Decluttering.

Brace yourself, be prepared to be upset and overwhelmed but keep reminding yourself. These are just things! Things do not define the demised or separated person from you. It is the good memories that matter.

If it is still emotional, do it just a few items at the time.

Another method I find useful is to collect all sentimental items together. Then allow yourself to pick either a fixed number of items, for example 5 or 8 and discard the rest to a charity and the unusable stuff goes into the trash.

Alternatively, pick a box of an appropriate size and allow yourself only to fill the box.

I hope this helps those who are finding emotional hurdles in their Decluttering process.

This is a summary from one of the Modules in the Decluttering & Organising Workshop I will be conducting in January 2021. So do look out for that.

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