Finding my Way to Where I Am

Many people ask me how I became a HOME MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT and also ask me how they too can become Professional Home Organisers? The answer is that it is a process.

In 1990, I qualified as a lawyer from the Uni of London with an LL.B (Hons) and I also got married.

So, the next ten years were spent keeping home, having and raising kids but I have to admit I really enjoyed being a Homemaker. I resonate with the quote that being a Homemaker was the ultimate career and all other careers merely supported it.

Even back then, I ran my home as one would a business or an office. I had binders, plans and systems. I scheduled things and kept everything very organised. I was perpetually organising some part of my home.

In 2000, everyone felt I needed to do something as my kids were already in play school, but I knew I had left my childhood dream of being a lawyer far behind. I had absolutely no interest in hearings, briefs and judgements.

My kids were each very different from the other. Each had their own set of issues and I thought pursuing some sort education in psychology would be beneficial to all of us. I signed up for an advanced diploma in psychology and counselling. I loved it! I appreciated how much calmer situations can be is handled correctly.

Thus began my journey… I continued to get a post graduate degree in the same field and started working as a Counsellor. I worked in international schools with teenagers who mostly had identity crises.

However, in my private counselling centre, I worked a great deal with women who had chronic illnesses and depression.

That’s when I saw a clear pattern between women with health issues and their home. When people get depressed, the house gets affected and this effect seeps right back into the depression making it worse. From that point, relationships and everything else just start to crumble.

I started helping these women by sharing Homemaking tips and ideas with them. Word spread and soon my workshops were pretty full. These women felt better knowing where to begin and what to do each day. I felt good sharing my ideas to improve their lives.

In 2014, I moved to Singapore and somehow had way too many health issues there, along with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is central nervous system disorder with chronic and multiple symptoms. I had plenty of free time while in Singapore so I did quite a few courses including becoming a Certified Professional Home Organiser.

By the time I came back four years later, my priorities changed. I had the responsibility of caring for my parents and a responsibility to take good care of my health.

Back here, I felt working from home was a good idea and I started a home organising business, Raveena at Home, but I still wanted to share Homemaking with others so I created a YouTube channel.

To answer the original question, how I became a Home Management Consultant, I have given you my back story and will now share the process.

In 2020, I set myself a goal and that was to create a niche in Homemaking that was unique to me. So, I created a plan. I call it the Science in the Art of Homemaking.

When you are providing a niche and very specialised service, it has to be unique. You need to have clear solutions for problems and systems to create new solutions for new problems. There is no exam to get you there, there are only effective methods.

Because of this lack of a formal qualification, anyone can refer to themselves as a Consultant but it is when others accept you as an adviser or trainer or guide, only then are you a full fledged consultant.

My plan had a few steps. I was already a Certified Professional Organiser but everything else was self taught and I needed some accreditation for my theories and systems.

I made a list of all the aspects of Homemaking and wrote my ideas against that. Then I elaborated on that. I researched on things I knew and already did, I learnt from other professionals and of course introduced new concepts based on what I was learning. Throughout 2020, I did courses and research, fine tuning and expanding my knowledge in all areas.

Throughout this time, my channel has been growing steadily and all your comments have brought such brightness to my life. You just made me realise that you were loving my systems as much as I do.

So this year, armed with all my accreditation, certificates, systems and with referrals from clients and the stats on social media, I was granted registration as a Home Management Consultant. My brand is, as always, Raveena at Home!

This has been my journey. If you have a passion for Homemaking and have interesting solutions and systems, then maybe you want to be a Certified Home Organiser and soon become a Consultant too.

If you to know more about how to create a niche service, let me know and I’ll be happy to share the more tips with you.

That having been said, I just want to add that you will see many new topics within the homemaker perimeters on my channel.

So, let me know your thoughts and until we meet again, Happy Homemaking!

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