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Finding my Way through Hotspots

What you ask is a hotspot? It’s that super tempting space that attracts everything you don’t want to deal with! It’s the holder of everything called clutter.

Where in your home is your hotspot? Is it the kitchen island? The entryway table? Your desk? Your dresser (speaking from experience on this one)?

At the end of the day, everyone else is now doing their own thing, you should take a look at your home. Where do your people leave their things? What sort of things do they leave lying around?

The only thing you need to know about hotspots is to remove them.

There are two ways to remove a hotspot. The first one is to actually, physically remove it. Should you have an empty shelf or table that is serving no purpose except as a hotspot, then take it away. No empty space, no temptation.

I get it! You want that table there, that shelf looks nice where it is. I feel your confusion.

If you can’t remove the spot, then remove the temptation. Once again, you have two options. You can fill it or completely empty it.

Did you know that people are less tempted to place things on a completely empty surface than on an already cluttered one? Just one item there and temptation will follow. So keep it completely clear!

Alternatively, decorate it. Put plants and some decor there clearly hinting it is not for dumpling stuff!

Outside the private entrance, I have placed a bench but I added cushions and a tray there to send a clear message that this is not your dumping ground! It works!!

A few practical ideas that help avoid cluttered space i includes having a proper home for the things that get dumped on counters. Place a bowl or tray to be a catch all for sunglasses and keys. You can add hooks for bags and coats, an umbrella holder and mostly importantly, an assigned box or tray for incoming paper be it mail, flyers, newsletters, newspapers and school related information from your children’s school.

Let me know in the comments of you want to know more about avoiding clutter.

Happy Homemaking!

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