Finding my Way through Quiet Time

So, any of you have these days when you don’t want to attend to everything that pops up? You are barely keeping up with your routines and cooking and everyone needs you? It is it just me?

Sometimes I want some quiet time to read or say dream and the constant buzzing of my WhatsApp gets to me!

We have a no shouting policy in our house. Since it is 4 stories high, I don’t want my family screaming to be heard. Use your phones!! Make internet calls, voice messages or WhatsApp, whatever, just don’t shout!

When I tell my family I need quiet time, I get everything dutifully leaving the room…. and then the buzzing starts. Each one begins with an apology but ends with me not being able to be by my self. By the way, I enjoy my own company.

Here’s what I get

My hubby is cooking dinner

Yuli: Mum, masak ape?

Me: bapa yang masak

Yuli: tapi bapa kata tanya madam nak masak apa

Losing patience here. Me: minta bapa baca menu minggu ni.

Let me translate that. Yuli, our helper is asking me what to cook because although Paul is cooking, he wants to know what to make. See what I mean?

My son is next

Son: hey mum… feeling better? I kinda need some help

Me: sure Bub

Also me voice messaging my daughter : hey sweetie… busy? Your brobro needs some help

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to bits and enjoy having them around but I need me time.

But all this? Really? This was more of a day in my life than anything else but I needed to rant and thank you for letting me!

Let me know if you have similar days and how you handle them.

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