Organisation is the Means to an End.

Organisation is a skill to help you manage your home more functionally and not a challenge of who makes it prettier.

Organisation is about making things easily accessible especially if you grab them often. It’s about simplifying your life. Of course, visual appeal is a bonus but Pinterest perfect is not the goal.

Mostly on videos and on the best of Pinterest, everything matches perfectly but is that realistically possible? We can remove those unsightly pieces of a different height or size or colour but we need those items so, what do we do? We sometimes try to replace them with a set of jars and not have them stand out like a sore thumb but ultimately, everything goes back into the cabinet.

Take a look at the most stunning of wardrobe photos, sure! The hangers match but so do the clothes. How many of us wear the same colour and style all the time.

These are not realistic expectations. We have to give a home within a specified location (usually like with like) to everything we use. So how do we make the best of that?

One way would be to stop micro organising or at least leave that to a later stage.

The look you need is tidy and the purpose functional that’s it!

You don’t need to buy these expensive trending organisers and dividers. All you need is a system.

By all means use organisers where needed to corral small items or to store like with like. You will need baskets or hampers for deep cabinets or a bunch of packets. Everything else is secondary.

One tip- if you are not using clear organisers, then keep things in a single layer. That’s a definite rule. Piled up without a container is potential clutter.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then stick to macro organisation ie. things have a home, items are easy to find and retrieve and that in itself is a blessing. The micro organising of each space and cranny can come later.

Hope this article helps you curb your expectations and get on with improving your home.

I want to end this with a reminder that Organisation isn’t your goal, simplifying your life is.

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